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Welcome to The Empowered Hire

Transform Your Job Search, Transform Your Life

The Empowered Hire is more than a job search program; we are a movement dedicated to helping women of color dismantle the cycles of landing in toxic workplaces, advocate for equitable pay, and feel empowered to land not just any job, but the right job.


We are here to ensure you thrive in a company that values your authenticity and contributions.

Why Choose The Empowered Hire?


🔥Tailored Strategies: Each aspect of our program is designed with the unique experiences of women of color in mind, ensuring that you are equipped with tools and insights that reflect your specific career aspirations and consider the best environments for you to thrive.

🔥Community and Support: You don’t have to navigate this journey alone. Join a vibrant community of like-minded women of color professionals who understand your journey and are here to support each step of your career path.

🔥Empowerment and Confidence: We focus on building your confidence so you can articulate your worth, negotiate your salary, and advocate for yourself in any professional setting.

🔥Support You Need: This is THE PROGRAM to help you not just land a new job, but to start your career by finding a position that connects to your passion and an environment that will support you to THRIVE. 

What We Offer


✔️Comprehensive Job Search Guidance


Dive deep into the most effective job search strategies tailored for today’s competitive market. We cover everything from crafting standout resumes to mastering the art of networking.


✔️Expert-Led Coaching Sessions


Benefit from weekly group coaching sessions led by seasoned career experts who specialize in helping women of color rise above the barriers in the corporate world.


✔️24/7 Access to Resources


Gain round-the-clock access to our exclusive online platform, packed with resources, training videos, and support from our Empowered Hire career coaches.


✔️Dynamic Peer Support


Connect with fellow job seekers in our empowering community. Share experiences, exchange advice, and build lasting professional relationships.


✔️Interview and Negotiation Workshops


Enhance your interview skills with live practice sessions. Learn negotiation techniques that ensure you do not just get the job, but also the pay and respect you deserve.


✔️Resume and LinkedIn Makeovers


Transform your first impressions. Through The Empowered Hire, you get access to top resume experts ready to revamp your resume and LinkedIn profile to highlight your strengths and attract the right employers. 


✔️Real Results


Our members land positions on average in 3-months with an over 30K pay increase.

Meet Jasmine - The Empowered Hire's Fearless Founder!

Jasmine, a proud Puerto Rican Brooklynite, is a force to be reckoned with! Jasmine faced toxic workplaces, feeling overlooked and overworked. But she didn't back down. She rebuilt her confidence and learned to speak up and advocate for herself. Now, she's on a mission to bridge the gap in professional development and career empowerment services for women of color.

As the founder of Jasmine Escalera Coaching, Jasmine empowers women of color to reinvent their careers by defining success and fulfillment on their terms. She's been recognized as a LinkedIn Top Voice and has been named one of the top career and job search experts for three consecutive years. When she's not changing lives, Jasmine enjoys the company of her lovable yet unpredictable canine companion, Cody. 


Join The Empowered Hire Today


If you're ready to stop settling for less and start demanding more from your career, The Empowered Hire is your first step towards true professional fulfillment. With us, job searching becomes not just easier, but more successful. You'll learn how to pinpoint opportunities that fit not only your skill set but your soul.


Don’t wait to transform your professional life. Join The Empowered Hire now and take control of your career destiny. Let’s create not just a new job, but a new future.


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Christina was job searching independently and didn't land an offer for months. She joined the program and less than 60 days later landed an offer for her perfect position...which she accepted 👇🏾👇🏾

"Before joining the Coaching Program, I felt stuck and lacked motivation, accountability, and confidence. Since joining, the supportive community of inspiring women and Jasmine's guidance have been transformative. I've landed an exciting new role, negotiated successfully, and grown in networking and mindset. This program goes beyond job search skills, empowering me to embrace my full potential and achieve success in my career." ~Christina T.

Screenshot 2023-07-12 at 7.06.52 PM.png

Sonya received 2 offers on the same day for a position in Georgia after only submitting 14 applications. Her offer came with a 10K pay increase.👇🏾👇🏾

"With Jasmine’s group program I went from feeling defeated in my job search to landing a Senior Admin role. What helped was not being alone trying to figure out this new way of job searching. I now had a coach and an amazing community of women of color supporting me. With Jasmine I was also able to get a completely new and polished resume which was a major boost for me and my search took off. Now I’m starting a new job in my dream city feeling stress-free and confident in my path." ~Sonya K.


Cecilia became the first six-figure earner in her family when offered a job in fintech just one-week after applying.👇🏾👇🏾

“When I started working with Jasmine, I knew I needed to be more aligned with my career, my side hustle, and myself. After working together to rebuild my confidence and tackle burnout, I decided to leave my toxic workplace and start a job search. I landed a role one week after applying, increasing my income by 22%, and becoming a six-figure earner. Most importantly, while working together, I have learned how to stand up for myself at the workplace in ways that I would've never imagined in the past.” ~Cecilia H.


Rahima landed her dream job! Check out what she has to say about the group coaching experience and working with yours truly 👇🏾👇🏾

Sandra is in LOVE with the support she receives in our group! Check out what she has to say about being in a COMMUNITY of women of color professionals ❤️

Despite initially feeling intimidated by job searching and battling impostor syndrome, being in this program helped me gain the confidence to pursue opportunities wholeheartedly. With Jasmine's guidance, I found my hidden potential and landed a role where I feel valued and seen for my true self. My journey highlights the program's ability to empower individuals to overcome self-doubt and achieve their career goals.

Marcela P.

Jasmine was extremely helpful in providing direction and answering the questions that I had as it related to my career and personal growth. When I went through the resume and interview process, Jasmine was there every step of the way to coach and cheer me on. As a result, I was able to successfully pivot into a new industry and increase my salary by 46%.

Cynthia M.

Working with Jasmine is a life-affirming, confidence-building experience. She gently pushed me to self-assess thoroughly and honestly, to recognize my patterns that were professional roadblocks. She helped me distill my experiences into clear self-development opportunities consistently. What I walked away with was confidence - to stand in my convictions all the time; validation - that I bring something unique and worthy to the table, and a warm feeling that I have magic too, and still. Everyone needs their Jasmine!

Paulina D.

Have questions? Check out these FAQs.

Who should join The Empowered Hire program?


The Empowered Hire is crafted for women of color who are determined to transform their job search and career paths. Whether you’re just starting out, looking to advance in your current field, or pivoting to a new industry, our program is tailored to elevate your confidence and arm you with the strategies needed to secure not just a job, but the right job. Join a community that's as ambitious and driven as you are, and let’s conquer the job market together.


Why should I choose The Empowered Hire?


Choosing The Empowered Hire means opting for a transformative journey that combines expert insights with a supportive community. Upon joining you will also recieve:

  • Access to The Empowered Hire community which includes your new friends and job seekers as well as daily job search tips, advice, and access to Jasmine and her team for questions and additional support. 

  • Twice monthly group coaching calls to receive hot seat and peer coaching and get your challenges resolved by expert coaches and guests. 

  • Group interview prep sessions to get ready for your interviews and practice responses. 

  • The Empowered Hire job seeker course which includes modules and worksheets on job search mindset, career clarity, branding, interviewing, networking and salary negotiation tactics. 

  • Sample templates for your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn, networking communications and more. 

  • A community platform to drop questions and get immediate support on your job search challenges. 

What can I expect from The Empowered Hire program?


Enrolling in The Empowered Hire guarantees:


Strategic Job Placement: Master the art of landing a job that values your skills and mirrors your personal values.

Confidence Building: Develop the assertiveness needed for impactful networking, negotiations, and professional interactions.

Professional Networking: Expand your professional circle with contacts that will open doors now and in the future.

Advanced Career Skills: Learn to advocate for yourself, enhance your personal brand, and much more.

Salary Negotiation Skills: Equip yourself with the negotiation skills necessary to ensure you are paid what you are truly worth and end the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle.


What happens after I get a job? 


We celebrate! And to support your transition, we’ll help you craft a comprehensive 30, 60, 90-day plan to ensure you excel from day one. Remember, our commitment extends beyond just finding a job—we’re here to foster a thriving career.


Do you guarantee I'll find a job?


Yes, we stand by our commitment to your success. With The Empowered Hire, you receive continuous support until you land a job. Our unique model ensures that you are not just prepared but are continuously guided and supported throughout your job search journey. From refining your resume to mastering interview techniques and negotiating your offer, we are with you every step of the way. Our program is designed not just to help you find any job but to secure the job that’s right for you—one that values your skills and where you can thrive. By joining The Empowered Hire, you're not just gaining access to resources; you're gaining a career partner. We guarantee support that continues until you achieve your goal, making your success inevitable.

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